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Blinky Bills Early Childhood Centre
2634 Nelson Bay Rd,Salt Ash NSW, 2318

Phone (02) 4982 6240

Blinky Bills Early Childhood Centre Logo

Our Centre is a Unique and amazing place Where children can play and learn in a safe and friendly environment with state of the art facilities.

Our Vision:

To extend and compliment the home by providing a loving, stable and secure environment that supports each child’s development.

To develop and maintain each child’s self esteem by building strong feelings of self worth and personal potential.

To foster the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative development of all children in attendance at the centre.

To encourage children to develop independence, inter-dependence and personal responsibility.

To show children peaceful means for expressing their emotions and managing their environment. This includes fostering a positive attitude, respect for diversity, sensitivity to the needs of others, and well developed communication and problem solving skills.

To appreciate and encourage parent participation and contribution in the centre’s programs, recognising their own needs and interests.

To support a harmonious, respectful and friendly working environment by enabling staff to be autonomous and participate in decision making activities of the Director.

To provide problem solving and conflict management processes that are easily accessible, open, fair and consider the needs of the individual and the organization.

To provide good working conditions for the staff (including Occupational Health and Safety) thus maintaining their physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.

To recognise the professional status of staff and provide opportunities for further professional development.

To make the centre part of the community by taking an interest in other related groups and the broader activities of the Early Childhood community, and sharing our interests, knowledge and experiences.

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